Pick Up And Drop Off Policies:

  • We will minimize risk of spreading germs by eliminating parents from coming in and out of the facility unless its an emergency.
  • Parents should bring their children to the main entrance door each day where they will be greeted by a designated staff person one at a time.
  • Parents should arrive early so this process does not make them late for work. There will be no exceptions to this rule, as our main concern is the health and safety of our children and staff.
  • Each child entering the building must have their temperature with a no-contact thermometer before the parent leaves.
  • A designated staff person will be responsible to check in and check out each child.
  • Children are no longer permitted to bring toys, snacks, or backpacks into the facility to eliminate risk.
  • Necessities  such as diapers, bibs, and wipes will be permitted. Parents should label  each item with your child’s name and place the item in an exterior bin. Designated staff will disinfect items before bringing them into the center.
  • Elderly authorized drop off and pick ups are discouraged, but acceptable if there is no other option.


Daily Health Checks

One of the most important things we can do to keep the children, staff and families safe is to check temperatures and symptoms each day.

  • At check-in, all children over 2 years of age must wear a cloth mask provided by the parent. Please provide back-ups at your discretion.
  • All staff will wear face mask/shield and gloves.
  • At check-in, all children will receive a temperature check with a no contact thermometer.
  • Any staff or children with a fever of 100.4° or above or other signs of illness will not be admitted into the facility.
  • Designated staff may ask about fever, cough, and trouble breathing  or travel within the last 24 hours.
  • If  a child or staff member becomes ill during the day with fever (100.4 degrees or higher), dry cough, and/or shortness of breath, they will be isolated and asked to leave. Family will be notified to pick children up right away.


 Social Distancing Measures

Social distancing does not come naturally to curious, energetic children, but we will build in new policies that will keep the spread of germs to a minimum.

  • Small, stable groups reduce the risk of spreading illness. All children will be put into small groups by age that will stay together with the same teacher throughout the day.
  • Signs indicating “6 feet apart” will be placed throughout the facility.
  • Children from the same family will be in the same group wherever possible.
  • Doors will be open for fresh air to ventilate the facility before and after children arrive, or whenever possible throughout the day.
  • Designated seating spots will be marked on tables so children understand where to sit each day.
  • Cots and cribs will be placed 6 feet apart, with children facing head to toe at nap time.
  • Outdoor play will be apart of the daily schedule so children can get fresh air and physical activity.
  • Indoor and outdoor play will be staggered and schedules will be adjusted to reduce the number of children in the same area.


Cleaning And Disinfecting

To eliminate the spread of germs, it’s important for staff and children to wash hands frequently. Staff will sanitize surfaces and equipment multiple times throughout the day.

While Golden Child Learning Academy was meticulous about cleanliness before COVID-19, it’s now more critical than ever!

  • All children and staff will wash hands very often.
  • It is mandatory that all children and staff will wash their hands upon entering the facility and frequently thereafter for at least 20 seconds.
  • We will use hand sanitizer (60% or more alcohol) when soap and water are not available and hands are not visibly dirty.
  • We will keep hand sanitizer out of small children’s reach when staff is not present. (A list of products that are EPA-approved that we will use against the virus that causes COVID-19 is available here.)
  • For cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, diluted household bleach solutions (at  least 1,000ppm sodium hypochlorite) will be used if appropriate for the surface. We will prepare a bleach solution by mixing 5 tablespoons (1/3  cup) bleach per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water. When using a bleach solution, we will wait until children have gone home, and open the doors for ventilation to avoid lung irritation.
  • Toys that cannot be cleaned and sanitized have been removed. Machine washable cloth toys can be used by one child at a time or not be used at all at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Any toy that goes into a child’s mouth or is considered cross contaminated will go into a “Yuck Bucket” and will be removed immediately until cleaned and disinfected.
  • Staff will routinely clean, sanitize, and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched, especially toys and games.


Meal Time Procedures

During meal times, staff will be responsible to avoid crowding around the table and minimize sharing of food, dishes, and utensils.

  • All children and staff will wash their hands before and after they eat.
  • We have eliminated family-style eating. Meals will be served in the classroom, all while practicing social distancing.
  • Staff will wear gloves when serving food to children.
  • Disposable plates and utensils will be used when possible.
  • We encourage parents to continue regularly brush children’s teeth at home. We will no longer be practicing teeth brushing during childcare hours.
  • Food preparation will be done by a designated staff person. The kitchen area will be off limits to anything outside of food preparation.


Billing And Payments

  • Parents will no longer be permitted to make payments in the office. All payments should be made via the Brightwheel app.
  • Each parent receives a billing statement via email (1) day prior to the due date.
  • We will no longer accept cash or checks as a form of payment.


Additional Information

  • All annual forms and enrollment documents will be completed digitally until further notice.
  • Required forms and documents will be sent to you via Docu-sign, Kindertales, or by email to be completed timely or prior to a start date.
  • We will not accept any paper documents. All documents should be scanned and emailed.
  • Annual parent teacher conferences will be done via Zoom or conference call.