Devotion Helps Discipline

Disciplining a child at any age does not work if the parent or caregiver hasn’t devoted their time to earn the child’s trust. Here are some of the ideas to enable your brain to spend more time with your precious little humans:

  • Engage your child at their level, not yours. Remind yourself that you were once their age too.
  • Detach yourself from Social and other media for planned periods of time each day, to spend an interactive session with the children.
  • Maintain your cool and a sense of humor. These are developing brains after all.
  • Non-Judgmental and empathy are inseparable essential behaviors in every caregiver of a child. One cannot exist without the other.
  • Listen and respond, rather than dictate and react. Children want their feelings and thoughts to be validated by the most important people in their lives.
  • Consistency of care is important to children. Set structure and routines each day, the best you can.
  • Love your children a little better each day. Embedded expressions of love are the greatest legacy passed through the generations.
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